Apple Device Deployment

Managing Your Apple Devices

Every organization is different. We help launch custom device deployment scenarios.

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What We Do

Apple Account Setup

Getting setup for an account can be time consuming. We'll use our past experience to make this process easy for you.

Device Adoption & Setup

After purchasing your institution devices, we work with a Mobile Device Management platform to adopt your devices so they can be managed.

Classroom App Setup

We'll set up the Apple Classroom App which lets your teachers have full control over their classroom by monitoring student devices, locking them in apps and much more.

One-to-One Program

Are you ready to go to a One-to-One program where each of your students has their own institution device? We help establish permissions to ensure students stay on task with their devices.

Shared iPad Program

Interested in sharing iPads in your school between students and classes? Not a problem, we'll establish school controlled cloud accounts so your students can log into any device and keep their data secure.

Purchase Apps in Volume

Take the pain out of individually downloading apps on your devices. We'll set your institution up with a volume purchasing account to easily distribute apps to all devices with a click of one button.

Locate Devices

Know where your devices are at all times. We set up and help manage your MDM account which helps you keep track of all of your Apple devices.

Restrictions & Permissions

Block sites, disable cameras, and even limit when and where a device can be used. We'll work with you to figure out which restrictions you need for your custom deployment.

Distribute Digital Books

Save a tree or two and go digital. Distribute books to the students and classes that need them. Even distribute PDF's and files per machine or user.

Track Incidents

Always know the history of your devices. Track incidents that may have happened and keep a record.

Ongoing Device Management

We help provide ongoing management and maintenance to ensure your devices are always performing as they should.

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